• Engineering Main Construction

    Sichuan Huashi overseas investment and engineering company limited has the overseas project contracting qualification and AA enterprise credit level. And the scope of business is including but not limited to overseas engineering contracting, real estate development and building materials production. Meanwhile, company actively participate the national “one belt and one road” project and implementation of the use of national Shuangy...

  • Overseas Investment and Construction

    Sichuan Huashi overseas investment and engineering co., Ltd actively responded the call of the provincial government and Sichuan Huashi Group corporation ltd. Then, the company successively opened up the markets and other large emerging overseas businesses in Africa, Kuwait, Angola, Mongolia and Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. And the next step is gradually expanding the overseas market development in Central Asia and Europe. In...

  • Import and Export Trade

    Since 1993 under the overseas contractual projects, Sichuan Huashi Group corporation ltd had been carrying out large quantities of building materials, machinery equipment import and export business and general merchandise import and export trade. Then, Sichuan Huashi overseas investment and engineering Co., Ltd adheres to the international trade import and export businesses of Sichuan Huashi Group corporation Ltd. with the rapid deve...

Regional distribution